Irina Shayk, recently gave birth to a daughter, showed off his slender figure after pregnancy.

About it
according to “Russian conversation”.

the whole world supermodel Irina Shayk recently became a mother. She and her
wife, popular actor Bradley Cooper, a daughter they named
the unusual name of Lea de Hay.

after birth, the old form is a very difficult exercise, as noted by a star
moms. But Irina Shayk was able to give his body to perfection in a very
a short time, she proved to participate in a candid photoshoot.

photographer MERT alas photographed famous model, turned back to him. In this case
happy young mother posing Topless. In the picture you can clearly see that
figure girls are still gorgeous.

creativity Irina Shayk came to the indescribable delight, looking at fresh frame .
Many noted the fact that she looks like and was not
pregnant and not given birth. The delight of Internet users the courage and endurance
model, which so quickly brought into shape, there was no limit.

As a reminder, earlier the “Russian Dialogue” reported that Irina had an argument with my mother-in-law and threw her out of their shared home.