The attack in London on 4 June 2017

Terrorist group “Islamic state” has claimed responsibility for the attack in the night of 4 June in London. This was reported on Sunday Agency Reuters.

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“A squad of Islamic state militants made yesterday’s attack in London,” – said in a statement posted on the media page of Amaq.

It was the third combat assault in the UK less than three months, said the Agency.

We will remind, number of victims of the terrorist attack in London on the night of June 4 increased to 7, injured 48 people. The first attack took place on London bridge at about 22.00 local time. White van at high speed and ran over the pedestrians. Immediately became aware of two dead and five injured. The bridge was blocked on both sides, the police began to evacuate people.

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After hitting pedestrians on the bridge as the van headed towards borough market. There are terrorists left the van and attacked passers-by. Eyewitnesses also informed about the intense shooting and that is one of armed with machetes men ran into the restaurant and staged a massacre there.

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