To a small Wharf at the Cathedral (where the ashes of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant), the former königsberg, now Kaliningrad moored boat. On Board – the jury members and guests of the jubilee festival of short films “in Short”: actress Irina Klimova, Yulia Peresild, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Olga Kabo, actors Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Pyotr Fyodorov, writer Yevgeny Grishkovets with his wife Helen, daughter Natasha and son Sasha, Valery Todorovsky and his wife, actress Eugene Brick and little daughter Zoya, who lives in Los Angeles.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Eugene Grishkovec – a local resident and every year pleases their unexpected images. It will be like a sailor in his cap, coat and hat with a colorful ribbon from the Japanese avant-garde designer Watanabe, the cap as a railway clerk old times. His wife Helen is a vocalist of the group “Curlers” – in the veil. And really do Kaliningradians as amazed . One of the guests for the evening event with the stated dress code Total black (all black) was in red shorts, accompanied by a companion in a red evening dress.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov here – originally from neighbouring Gusev, who until 1946 was the name of the Prussian Gumbinnen. In Kaliningrad, the actor was represented by the film about the cosmos, where he played the famous Soviet cosmonaut. How worried Yevgeny Mironov, producing a “first Time” from this painting-a competitor! Even broke some cinematic taboos, which caused resentment colleagues.

Screenings of short films held in a historic movie theater where James Cameron has unveiled the Titanic, created with the participation of Russian scientists stationed in Kaliningrad. On the wall of the cinema is an original monument of woody Allen in the form of points. The real name of Allen is almost identical to the historical name of Kaliningrad – Konigsberg.

At the opening of festival Valery Todorovsky, who stood at its origins, called the festival a small nuclear reactor. Indeed, there is going to explosive power of the youth, the ambition of which is off the charts. Amateurs spoiling for a fight, ready on much for the sake of their small and for the most part are very modest in the artistic result of the work took on a particular festival. There was a total 1652 entries from 52 regions and 37 countries, of which selected 38 pictures. Film schools bred the sea, the level of teaching sometimes the floor, and out in the big world needed. Here aspiring filmmakers and attack, send your movies everywhere, sometimes blatantly assert their rights.

“Shorter” is proclaimed as the shortest path in a big movie, and comes just three days short of festivals do not happen. Its President – Director and producer Sergei Selyanov believes that it is impossible, that all happened only in Moscow, it is death. Therefore, the selected Kaliningrad. Presidential adviser on culture Vladimir Tolstoy, who came to greet the jubilee festival, I noticed that the short film is often called a small film, but it can relate to the story in the literature. And reminded of Sholokhov and Leo Tolstoy: “It’s like “the Destiny of man” in relation to “the Quiet don” and “the Death of Ivan Ilyich” to “War and peace”.

The festival was opened by a two-minute job Masha Vasyukova participating in the first festival, more recently a resident of Kaliningrad, which moved to Paris, managed to make a film about woody Allen, to work with Natalie Portman. And now got, according to Sergei Selyanov, to almost people’s artist of Russia brad pitt, who played her main and only role. Brad did not disappoint. He said something about the graves, or rather about the bottom of the bed. It is worth to climb up, immediately feel that this is the coffin lid. In General, pitt demonstrated something like a rehearsal of death.

The jury, which is at the head of all these years, producer Igor Tolstunov, – athlete, two-time winner of the Olympic games, “the man-spectator and a little producer,” as was said Yelena Isinbayeva. She soon a second time become a mother, and this is not to hide. Yes Elena does not hide. Every day she pleases the audience with their unusual outfits. It will pop up in a peacock dress, in an exotic caftan, caftan reminiscent of the East. In December last year at the ceremony “Golden eagle” Elena was awarded the Andrei Konchalovsky for best film – “Paradise” and cheered his performance, by offering myself as an actress: “It’s a bomb. I’m ready to work. I’m free.” And here she is in Kaliningrad debut as a member of the jury. We talk on the shores of the cold Baltic sea, which is not included.

This is my first experience. I’ve never worked in the jury of film festivals. I was invited by the organizers, and I agreed. But I represent a documentary film “Sergey for” Mikhail Serdyukov (Mikhail – journalist, author of books about Patriarch Alexy II – approx. ed.) screening out of competition. The six months we worked on it. It is about a young artist with disabilities.

– You become the producer and are keen to do the film?

– I adjusted the film. Don’t know what else to call what he was doing. Wanted something to add, why then give up the very idea of the film to articulate, to understand, what emotions it evokes. In the future I would like to tell you about the athletes who were in limbo. There are a lot of interesting people. On them and need to make a movie.

– And as an actress, too, wanted to work, judging by the performance on the “Gold eagle”?

– I’d look for Actresses in their production projects. And to become an actress at 35, kind of strange.