Photo: ZUMA ISIS Militants

The Islamists are supporting Uighur separatists.

Terrorist organization “Islamic state” for the first time in its history made against China, reports RIA Novosti.

The publication refers to the video of the Islamists, in which a portrait of Chinese President XI Jinping converted into a stream of flame, and China threaten to spill “rivers of blood”.

A frame from a video of ISIS

About 20 years Beijing says about the terrorist attacks. A hearth collision, it became the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region of China, where mostly Muslims live.

Beijing insists that its people adhered to the rules of secular hostel in the strict sense of the word does not publicly celebrated religious festivals, selling of alcohol and tobacco in stores. And claims that the separatist group the Uyghurs are connected with “al-Qaeda”.

Note that ISIS supported the Uighur separatists who in the composition of from 100 to 300 people went to war in Iraq and Syria .

Last year, ISIS called on its supporters to implement Jihad in Russia.