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News of the world: Permanent mission of Israel to the UN announced the decision to withdraw its candidacy for membership of the Security Council.

Israel withdrew its candidacy for membership of the Security Council of the United Nations. According to DW, permanent mission to the UN said that he refused a seat in the security Council after “consultation with partners and good friends.”

“It was decided that we will continue to work with its allies that will allow Israel to have the right to full participation in processes and decision-making in the UN”, – reads the statement of the country.

As you know, the candidates in temporary UN security Council members are elected by regional groups, and for 55 years Israel was not their member.

Election of five new members of the UN security Council to be held on 8 June . Competitors for the two seats in the UN security Council in the group of Western European and other States for 2019-2020, except Israel, is also Germany and Belgium.

The candidate must receive two-thirds of the votes to be elected.

In the UN Security Council comprises five permanent members – Britain, China, Russia, USA and France, as well as ten temporary, half of which are renewed annually.