Lisbon hosted the final of the song contest – Eurovision-2018. Despite the fact that before the decisive day, almost all preferred the singer from Israel – Nette, the intrigue to the last. However, all decided by audience voting, and that as a result, the net took first place.

photo: Artur Gasparyan

Bookmakers called the Israeli netto the main favorite ahead of the final of Eurovision in 2018, and in the final presentation, she fully justified the expectations of music lovers. Only now the professional jury are not supported by results of voting, 43 countries have put Israel only in third place. Leaders unexpectedly left Austria and Sweden.

Everything in its place put the audience. Before counting the maximum number of points, the challengers were three: Austrian Cesar Sampson, a spokeswoman for Cyprus, Eleni, Fereira and, in fact, Netta.

In the end, the last received the number of votes and it was 529 points . This was enough for the victory, so next year it will take Israel to the Eurovision song contest.

“MK” conducted live online broadcast of the Eurovision final in 2018.