World champion mixed martial arts World Mixed Martial Arts Federation Murad Amriev managed to leave the building of Prosecutor’s office of Bryansk, where he was allegedly blocked by the “Chechen security forces”.

Such information declared by the “Committee for the prevention of torture” on the official page in Facebook, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to published data, the titled athlete was able to take advantage of the fact that the room was a large number of people that caused the mess. After leaving the Prosecutor’s office right through the front door, he got into the car to friends, and they left.

“Law enforcement officers are on the street, woke up late, tried to attempt to arrest, but they failed. One police officer from Chechnya who was in the building and transport Prosecutor’s office, Murad was identified as the man who tortured him in 2013”, – stated the members of the organization .

We will remind, Murad Amriev after receipt of the decision to release was taken on Tuesday morning, June 6, in the above-mentioned institution. Simultaneously with it there were the guards and tried to prevent his exit. In this case, those supposedly referred to the fact that the fighter is in Federal search, however, failed to produce a confirmation.

Amriev was arrested June 4 on the way from Ukraine. He was presented with the charge of using forged documents. “The Committee for the prevention” of torture insists on the presence of the passport of the error, the culprit was the passport office.