Staff at Tallinn Harju County court issued a sentence of five years ‘ imprisonment for the 30-year-old Russian Artem Zinchenko on charges of espionage.

This became known from the message portal of Estonian public broadcasting ERR. It refers to “Russian conversation”.

The citizen of the Russian Federation lived on the territory of the Baltic States during the last four years. He was accused of involvement in GRU of the General staff of the Russian forces. Recruited by the Russians was in 2009.

As the purpose of the work “spy” court called the undermining of the Estonian security.

The Russians allegedly engaged in the extraction of information concerning objects of national defence and the factors that underpin a number of vital services in Estonia. In addition, he was accused in the transfer of information about transportation local Armed forces with the equipment .

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” conveyed that the United States authorities not long ago released from the imprisonment of a Russian citizen, who was convicted on charges of spying for Moscow. The trial of Evgeny Burakova took place in one of American cities in March 2016.