Representatives of the operating body of the organization approved a resolution which affects the interests of North Korea.

The document, which toughens sanctions against the DPRK, received unanimous support from all members of the security Council. This resolution is a UN response to missile and nuclear programs of Pyongyang, reports “Russian conversation”.

The authors of the document believe that 14 individuals and 4 legal persons acting in the interests of the DPRK abroad. Therefore, the resolution prohibits these persons to enter other countries and freezes their accounts.

In addition, the adopted UN security Council resolution calls for the DPRK leadership on the cessation of missile tests and stop testing nuclear programme. All countries that are members of the UN, also agreed to make efforts to resolve the situation with the North Korean Peninsula tensions political and diplomatic means .

Earlier, the US imposed new sanctions against Russia. Dmitry Peskov in response to the expressed regret about this and pointed out the negative impact that America by its actions has on relations between Moscow and Washington.