Parnassus and Froman accused of violating the rules of campaign Finance in the United States.

American businessmen Lva Parnassus and Igor Fruman was arrested on suspicion of illegal financing of election campaigns of politicians for the money of the businessman from Russia. This is stated in court submissions, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

According to the materials of the first signs of the activity of the defendants in the case appeared in March 2018.

It is noted that Parnas and Truman that until, as far as we know, took no appreciable part in political donor activities have sought to promote their own financial interests, and political interests of at least one Ukrainian official, with whom they worked.

Their goals the business was going to achieve, thanks to the support of American politicians, receiving funding from them.

This Parnassus and Truman invented a scheme that allowed them to bypass the law, to list policies on the financing of election campaigns more money than allowed by law. For this purpose, in particular, they created the company Global Energy Producers (GEP), which, according to them, engaged in the import and export of LNG.

The documents don’t specify who received the money from these people. For example, investigators became aware of the funding policy, which in 2018 was a member of the U.S. Congress.

It was his Parnassus and Truman asked to help to achieve recall of the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. In the end, she really left her post, however, it is unclear how this was influenced by two businessmen.

“Parnassus made efforts to recall the Ambassador, at least in part, at the request of one or several Ukrainian officials”, – stated in the materials.

In addition, they funded a campaign to promote their business interests, and acted this time not alone, but with participation gave them the money of the citizen of the Russian Federation. It is only known that it is the businessman, who did not live permanently in the United States.

The case also featured a US citizen born in Ukraine, Andrei Kukushkin and David Correa – American, born in the United States.

Their overall objective was to enlist the support of politicians to address the difficulties associated with business project: entrepreneurs going to open a company to sell marijuana. They decided to do this business in Nevada, where such activity is allowed.

Discussion of this project began in September 2018. Business partners, among other things, had to obtain a license for such trade. The same licenses they needed in new York and some other States.

Under the plan, aid the defendants in the case was to have a politician running for one of the leading positions in Nevada. The Russian party project was ready to provide financial support to his campaign, however, could not act, particularly because “donors” in the United States can only be American citizens. Therefore, $1 million for this purpose came from Russia through an American business partners – Parnassus and Romana.

Support the policy required, inter alia, in order to solve the core issue of entrepreneurs not had time to apply for a license to trade marijuana and hoped that their political protégé will help them.

In total, the money spent by the defendants for sponsoring the election campaigns of various American politicians millions of dollars.

The American media have noted that these people, the lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani called his clients.

Truman Parnassus and donated funds to the campaign of the Republicans, in particular, the campaign against trump. In addition, in may 2018, they donated $325 thousand non-governmental organizations America First Policies, created in 2017, to promote trump’s policy of “America First”.

The defendants in the case are accused, in particular, making false statements to employees of agencies that monitor election-related violations and falsification of data about yourself. In addition, according to the investigators, they avoided the restrictions on the amount that is permitted to donate to political campaigns, listing their money through other entities.

All four businessmen are also accused that they have made donations in their personal financial best interest and in the interests of officials from the Ukrainian leadership.

About the arrest of Parnassus and Romana became known yesterday.


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