The President’s visit
Of Russia Vladimir Putin on the Peninsula on 4 July was an important event in the political
world on 4 July. The Russian leader focused on the global issues that
generate USA,
named perpetrators in the war in Libya and called for the admission
the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe.

The event
took place at Villa Madama, in the XVI century, built for cardinal Giulio de
Medici, aka Pope Clement VII. According to “Russian conversation” with
with reference to TASS, it is known menu

So, guests for a snack were served small fish and crayfish on a bed of
green apples and peach. As the first dishes include pasta with
seafood, main course – fish sea bass with citrus and flan fresh
green. For dessert strawberries with vanilla ice cream.

We will remind, after
receiving the Vice-Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini
exclusively spoke about Putin.

Experts also do not
paid attention to activities in which took part the President of Russia, noting
after a visit to Italy can be a “warming” in
relations with the EU, to actively continue working to solve the Ukrainian crisis.