The company “Yandex.Ukraine” has made an important statement regarding their accounts.

Accounts of the Ukrainian division of the company “Yandex” has been blocked. The company attributed the move to the recently signed Petro Poroshenko decree, which prohibits Ukrainian citizens access to a number of Russian Internet resources and services. About it reports a press-service of the company, reports “Russian conversation”.

In the Kiev office of the company, which opened 10 years ago, say that this problem will not be resolved quickly. The “Yandex.Ukraine” will continue to look for legal decisions to send funds and continued cooperation.

The company also will not disable anything with his hand on the territory of Ukraine. Disable the service “Yandex” will be conducted only by local providers.

Earlier the management of “Yandex .Ukraine” has expressed bewilderment in connection with statements of the SBU and stressed the company’s compliance with Ukrainian legislation.

As reported, “Russian conversation”, the Ukrainian authorities have received a request from representatives of the EU to provide detailed information regarding the prohibition of “Vkontakte”, “Yandex” and “Classmates”.