Relatives of Paul Barsova buried him on March 28. The farewell ceremony took place in secret.

According to Ukrainian media, in the night from Monday to Tuesday the body Barsova was taken from Kiev to Dnipropetrovsk region. After that he was buried in a small cemetery in Pavlohrad, near the grave of his grandfather, reports “Russian conversation”.

The place was spotted the bus, which came the closest relatives of the killers of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. After the burial-place came the journalists, family members Barsova urgently leave the territory of the cemetery.

Recall, 28-year-old Paul Parsow was wounded during the attack on Denis Boronenkov. He managed to shoot the fugitive Russian ex-lawmaker and wounding his guard. However, the latter received a bullet wound, was able to shoot the killer in the leg, head and chest . Subsequently, the murderer died from his injuries. It was also revealed that he served in the training company of the Ukrainian battalion “Donbass”.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, a man who tried to protect Boronenkov from the killer, were Oleg Petrov, working in intelligence. According to the preliminary information, it is a few days in a row is in an artificial coma after the operation.

According to the Ukrainian investigation, Parsow did not act alone. He was a 31-year-old accomplice from the battalion “Donbass”, who managed to escape from the crime scene.