Musician and singer Yuri Loza refuses to call song a new hit band “Mushrooms” “Between us is melting the ice”, which gained wide popularity in the Network.

New song “Mushrooms” called “Between us is melting the ice” quickly became popular in the Network. However, there were those who did not like it. For example, a well-known musician Yuri Loza harshly criticized the track, stressing that he does not consider it a song, according to “Russian conversation”.

In his opinion, this track is very similar to the famous Gangnam Style and these songs are the lack of a clear melody that you can hum. The track is associated with the group’s image and the clip, therefore it cannot be considered an independent whole product, says the Vine.

The musician stressed that his song “the Raft” people performing for 35 years, as it is a deep and poignant song, which is slowly gaining popularity, and slowly will slow down . And the songs, at one point won fame, doomed to the same speed to be forgotten.

“That song you call the song, was born today, and tomorrow it is not” – summed up artist.

We will remind, Yury Loza said the reasons for dislike of the song contest “Eurovision”.