The representative of Ukraine in the working subgroup of the Trilateral contact group on security, major-General Bohdan Bondar said that it is too early to talk about further dilution of forces in the Donbas across the demarcation line.

“To say that tomorrow or the day after a decision is made about breeding along the line of contact, prematurely. In the President’s Office, the Ministry of foreign Affairs is preparing a package of documents where all of this “road map” needs to be painted, sequentially, by date, by hours possible to get the result we want to obtain – the return of the Ukrainian lands under the Ukrainian leadership”, – he said during a briefing on Monday in Kramatorsk.

Cooper indicated that the current breeding at the three sites is “the first step, which should give more confidence between the parties, which is the Russian Federation as a direct plot of armed conflict and the aggressor, and the Ukrainian side”.

“We never thought of and perceived by the parties of certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ORDO) because they are actually under the control of the Russian Federation, as enshrined in international documents”, – he stressed.