Guests of the Studio “Let them talk” confident that the actor no longer distinguish between reality and fiction after severe traumatic brain injury.

In the current edition of the program “Let them talk” appeared previously missing actor Victor Skurikhin. Man, who five years ago his wife died, refusing to believe it. Now the actor lives on the street, according to “Russian conversation”.

Broadcast Studio Skurikhin for the first time in several years met with her mother. Guests of the Studio were surprised that the actor is not adequately assess reality. For example, Victor stubbornly denies that his wife died. Also he is sure that he is still an actor and has been in the sports section.

When the actor was asked what he was doing, he said he was busy filming and doing charity work.

Experts Studio said that probably the man received a serious closed head injury, after which he clouded his mind . This hypothesis was supported by the mother Skurikhina. People have told Victor to go through treatment in special rehabilitation centers.