Photo: Maurizio Borsari/

In the second half of the match against Sweden Italy coach Gianpiero Ventura asked de Rossi to leave in the warm-up area, but the midfielder refused to do so. According to Roma players, he didn’t think I should get a replacement, so I yelled at the coach.

“What the hell exactly I was supposed to go to warm up? We do not need was a draw we had to win! At the same time to warm up can only three, then in five minutes, replaced them the following three. I just told Ventura that the match is over, we need to win, so that needs to warm up forwards. I pointed out that it is better to go for exercise Insigne. But of course, I do not decide tactical issues. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. At that moment I just thought it was better to go on the field Insigne,” said de Rossi .