The Italian government intends to provide free 103 historic buildings, including medieval castles, villas and monasteries, with the condition that their new owners can make them places for tourists, writes CNBC.

The above buildings are located along the eight traditional tourist routes in the center of the country, and the Islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

“The project is aimed at support and promotion of slow-growing tourism sector – said the representative of the state Agency of real estate of Roberto Reggie. Its goal is the transformation of unused private and public buildings in places for hikers, cyclists and pilgrims”.

Claimants of the property for a period of nine years (with possibility of extension for another nine) have until June 26 to submit to the Age ncy an application indicating how they plan to rebuild the selected building and that it will be in the end. It is noted that special preference will be given to applicants under 40 years of age.

In case of success of the project to the government within two years “will give” wishing about 200 objects.

Previously, the government of the Italian village, Bormida in the Liguria region has announced that it will provide about 2 thousand euros and the opportunity to rent an apartment for 50 Euro per month to anyone who would agree to move to this town. The proposal has caused a stir in social networks and the media, he responded to over 17 thousand people, and the mayor had to withdraw his invitation.