Photo: RIA Novosti On flights to Italy shelf in the cabin will be closed

Small bags and items to put under the seat in front of him, still allowed.

The Italian authorities announced that hand Luggage is prohibited on all national and international flights, reports The Local.

The national civil aviation authority has stated that it prohibits the use of shelves in the cabin for any type of Luggage. Small bags and items to put under the seat in front of him, still allowed.

This measure is aimed at preventing the blocking of aisles and crowded during pick up or drop off passengers, as the government seeks to limit the risks of proliferation Covid-19.

All passengers, even on long-haul flights, will have to leave hand baggage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. Passengers will not have to pay an additional fee to take their bags into the Luggage.

Meanwhile, the rules of social distancing on the planes were cancelled and passengers no longer need to sit separately. There are various other restrictions on flights, including the requirement for passengers to wear a mask and fill the form.

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