Photo: (archive) Italy and Malta prohibit the landing of refugees

The government in Rome outraged by the remarks of Emmanuel Macron to the conflict over the receiving vessel with refugees in the Mediterranean sea.

The Italian government called on the carpet by the French Ambassador Christian Mass. The Ministry of foreign Affairs in Rome, as well Weight after “of surprising” remarks of the President of France Emmanuel Makron about the delivery of the vessel, Aquarius, on Board of which 629 are illegal immigrants, according to the website of the Italian Ministry of foreign Affairs on Wednesday, June 13.

Previously, the Makron has accused Italy of cynicism and irresponsibility in connection with the refusal to accept these refugees.

The new government of Italy, proclaimed the tightening of immigration policy, refused to accept these migrants, inviting Malta to take care of the fate of these people. Malta, however, is also not willing to accept Aquarius .

After the Supreme Commissariat of UN for refugees appealed urgently to save people in distress in the Mediterranean sea, noting that the question of responsibility and the distribution of these migrants between EU countries can be solved later.

Source: Russian service of DW


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