Ivan Baranchik

Belarusian boxer spoke about his Patriotic feelings.

About this boxer Ivan Baranchik, who was born in Russia and moved to the US, wrote on Instagram:

– People ask me: where I’m from. Tell. I was born in Russia. When I was 8 months my parents moved to Belarus, where he was born and raised my father. All my childhood and youth were spent in this country. I fought for Belarus as the Amateur boxer. And I believe that Belarus is my homeland. At 21, I received several offers from professional promoters from around the world. I thought about the proposals, but continued to act as lover.

I have had disagreements with the Belarusian Boxing Federation. I soon decided to sign an agreement with one of the promotions. A few weeks later, a young, naive, speaking only in Russian man was sitting on the plane and flew to USA. Since then there have been many difficulties and adventure.

But now the country has become home to me. God bless America.