As reported in
Monday, July 1, “Russian conversation”, Japan went to “cunning
trick” to “seize” the so-called in the land of the rising
the sun’s “Northern territories”.

web resource of the G20 summit in Osaka showed the video,
where the four disputed Kuril Islands “belong” to Japan.

This movie,
dedicated to the Japanese city of Osaka, where at the end of June the G20 summit was
posted on the YouTube channel of the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe in February.

South of the island of Great
the ridge of the Kuril Islands, designated as a territory of Japan, can be seen in
the beginning of the video.

We will remind that from-for
Japan’s claims to the Southern Kuriles two countries for over half a century can’t
to sign a peace Treaty and are technically at war.

Earlier, the media learned the fate of the agreement of Japan and Russia on the Kuril Islands.

Also “Russian
Dialogue” reported on the reaction of the Russian foreign Ministry to the claims of our Japanese colleagues about
Russian military exercises on the Kuril Islands.