Japan gave a new reason for a diplomatic confrontation,
depicting the Southern Kuril Islands on the site of the 2020 Olympics as its own territory.
Interactive map shows the route of the Olympic flame around the country, reports “Russian
The dialogue”.

It is interesting that the Southern Kuril Islands it referred to the Prefecture
Hokkaido, however, the Olympic route it does not pass.

The dispute over the territorial jurisdiction of the Kuril Islands spoils
relations of Tokyo and Moscow for several decades. Japan considers these lands
his, however, the Kremlin has repeatedly stressed that the issue of these Islands is closed

By the way, the last time Japan “made” the Kuril Islands on their
the summit of G20.

Earlier Vladimir Putin caught Abe in the trap, leaving the
The Kuril Islands, and American missiles, and Tokyo protested because of the Russian
military exercises in the Kuril Islands.