Not even movies or stories in which evil wins good.

According to human rights activists yesterday in the capital were detained more than a thousand people. Among those who went to jail was well-known Belarusian personalities from the world of sports. For example, the all-rounder Andrey Kravchenko and kickboxer Ivan Ganina brutal pulled out of the car in one of the parkings in the centre of Minsk, a former press Secretary of the Brest “Dynamo” Olga Hizhinkova detained near the Liberty square.

While they are behind bars awaiting trial, “the Tribune” talked with his wife Kravchenko Yana Maximova, the silver prize-winner of CHE-2013 in the pentathlon and Junior world Championships 2008 in the heptathlon. Ian gave the details of the day of the arrest and spoke on the situation in the country.

– How did you find out information about the detention of her husband?

First I must say that Sunday is our only day when we can do their business, to give a daughter to the grandmother. We have planned different things, I wanted to meet a friend, signed up to the beautician for five nights. Andrew took the daughter to the grandmother, and then met with friends in town. As I understand it, he was sitting first in the “McDonald’s”, and then went in the car. And then him and Joe Ganin, with whom he just met, pulled. Followed them from McDonald’s or something, I do not understand. I can say that Andrei and Vanya were not going to go anywhere, they had not intended to participate in the March. It was clear that there would be a hard arrest.

Why is he this Sunday, in principle, not stayed at home?

As already said, he drove her daughter to her grandmother on a Stone hill, and then wanted to meet with Vanya in the center to just chat and drink coffee. By the way, before Andrew spoke with different people, he had best friends, but, coincidence or not, now is a fellowship only with those who signed the letter in solidarity with Andrew.

Did you know in what district he will meet with Vanya?

– No. Andrew had my daughter, called me, asked where I was. At the time I talked with a friend in a cafe near the circus. Agreed with Andrew to call later because he just didn’t know what to do next. Decided that then together we will go home. I was sure that he’s not going anywhere, the center is not moving, so much for him not to worry. But after a couple hours I got a call Kostya Yakovlev and said that Andrei and Vanya were detained.

– According to our information, they were sitting in the car in one of the parkings in the city center, at the epicenter of all events.

– It seems to me that in the midst of yesterday was just me. At about three o’clock in the afternoon, when he went to meet a friend, had to leave the car in the area of Victory square, the circus went on foot. When he got near the Eternal flame, literally in front of me at the bus stop stopped buses with riot police, out jumped the security forces and have downloaded literally everyone who stood at this very stop. I stood there, not knowing what to do. Heard people started to shout, asking for release of all. And then I saw on the road that leads to the building of STV and ONT, also began to hold everyone. I broke down, went to the bus jumped out the riot with all began shouting at the security forces. Really, very much hate them. And I think that those who touched even a finger of our defenseless people, deserve the death penalty.

– Not afraid to lift you?

– Neither them, nor anyone else I’m not afraid. And Andrew isn’t afraid of anyone. Yes, and someone to fear? Good always triumphs over evil, and fear no evil – this is not the case. We, Belarusians are strong people who have suffered a lot of fear, experienced it. This fear has already moved into certain courage.

– Were you prepared for the fact that Andrew will sooner or later delay?

– No, absolutely not. All the events for all the cruelty that is happening on the streets, I watched from the side. But now it’s touched my family, and, of course, perceive events very deeply. As I read, Andrew was delayed very badly. These vile men who took my husband and little finger of Andrew are not, they do nothing and are nothing compared to this man. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to describe all what I think about all the events in the country and about what happened yesterday.

I just remembered that happened at our house yesterday [8 November]. On the wall hung a large painting that Andrew gave to a fan after the Olympic games. We had to tear off about five years off the wall – and yesterday she fell off. Not just because, in my opinion. God sees everything.

– What you said yesterday Yakovlev?

– He just said that Andrew was arrested. Just heard this and was shocked. A little away, began to receive calls from friends Andrew calls was very high. Now keep in touch with Stepa [Popov], we decide what to do next. Andrew, yesterday was not the most comfortable things. This time. Secondly, Andrew is very vulnerable to colds, disease, as he had many operations because of the anaesthetic he reduced immunity. So we are going to think and solve, how to pass warm clothes, vitamins that he was taking for a foot which has not recovered to the end.

– When moved away from the news about the arrest of her husband, did what?

– During a call, the Bone I was sitting in a cafe with a friend, then went to the doctor because of this and so cancelled the account, now just could not again to reschedule. Then went to her daughter, took her home.

Evening and night spent on the phone. Talked with a huge number of people have read the words in support of Andrei. To three hours a night sitting on the Internet, watched a disgusting video of the arrest. Was hoping someone would upload the time of detention of Andrei, the more we must be witnesses. Almost all night looking for, but not found.

– As far as I remember, Kravchenko and Ganina were taken to the Central police station. You did not go there?

– No, you had to be near a daughter. Besides the police Department were our friends, they kept me aware of the situation. Received information that Andrei and Vanya was released, but then somehow everything changed. Moreover, when I wrote it, I just did not believe. And by night, Andrew’s brother wrote to me that my husband was taken to Zhodzina.

A lawyer I spoke, not familiar with him. But guys, friends of Andrew, communicate, and address the issues.

Athletes who participated in the marches, had already received subpoenas, Yegor Mescheriakov and Vasiliy khomutovskiy received fines. Andrew summons came?

– No, nothing. Especially Andrew long did not go on marches. Last Sunday was not the year before that. He just found in the city with friends, they discuss their business, drinking coffee, talking. As I said, this is the only day in the week when my mother does not work and can sit with my daughter and we have the opportunity to do their business.

We have a small daughter and a lot of animals, and different domestic Affairs, and we with Andrey have agreed that while you should not participate in marches, to go to these hyenas, they delay everyone. In addition, we understand that due to sore feet Andrew will not be able to escape or to fight back. So for security reasons he stopped attending marches. Of course, when there were large marches, with placards, all that is beautiful, I have nothing against. And indeed we all have the right to Express their opinion, their civic position. How to do it differently, but to go out on Sunday in the city? And we are forbidden to do – to Express their opinion. However, I’m sure that all the Belarusians should go to the cities, to walk, to unite, to meet, to sing the songs in the courtyards, dance. All this is so great, so I am impressed that I can not get enough of. But we have some reason for it detained and beaten, pack even of people who simply stands at the bus stop waiting for the bus. I myself, as already said, became a witness. Grabbed the hands of the people, pushed, dragged on the bus. But the security forces are not important, why are we here, they don’t listen to what and how they explain the rest. Just awful!

And I tell you that after yesterday, I sat with a friend in a cafe near the circus, went to the tram. And there were a lot of buses with the security forces, may, pieces 25. I went and filmed it on his phone. These are in the form of laughed, waved, showed “class.” They told me “the class” and I’m like FAK in response.

– Able to take you for that.

– I could not argue. But I remember the case, as once I went with my daughter in town, we just walked around. Went to security and told them directly: “Take me, I am also against Lukashenko”. They said, “We are not going to get you good. And there, with flags and marches, go bad guys.”

– What do you think in General about the situation in the country, and when, and what, in your opinion, will all end?

– I’m sure it’s soon in any case will end. And these people who are creating the tough on the streets, eats the organism in which they appeared. Moreover, I think the security forces themselves, there is fear. Belarusians win, because there are even movies or stories in which evil wins good. All of these actions by the authorities, security forces will not go unpunished, the principle of the boomerang exists: did bad – you will definitely be back.

Yes, we always helped, mean charges, salaries, for that we are grateful. But, sorry, can’t just eat what is happening in the country. We are very sorry for the people. We thanks to the rollers, Sergei Tikhanovski saw how people live in the country.

And don’t even know how to comment on the situation in the country. I belong to the sport on a bet. And did not sign the letter to the athletes because in our family, roughly speaking, there is no livelihood, and I’m the one who gets paid. Not gone on maternity leave, and we are getting ready for competitions. I would not like to have me removed from the wages, and therefore don’t know how to comment on the situation in the country.

But is it possible to silent when my husband was detained, put in jail?

– Of course not. I can say: I voted for Svetlana Tikhanovski, like almost everything in Belarus. We with Andrey for change. I think the whole situation will change very soon. In fact, the city runs a lot of hungry mouths to feed, I mean riot police. But they also feed all need to pay some salary. The people there quietly retire, join the people, but still the riot police left a lot. And how to pay? It must be some sort of billionaire.

– Are not you afraid that because of the position of Andrew you can be removed from the team, to remove from rates of the MST?

Truthfully, I didn’t even think about it. Of course, don’t want to see me climb, I was crushed. Especially since I’m an emotional person and unable to speak normally, when I begin to shoot. I’m getting ready, I train, I speak. I have a winter season, a chance to win a ticket to the Olympics, to go there.

– You now press?

I did nobody said anything. I go to workout, not missing anything, fulfill contractual obligations. No one was charged. However ready for any development of events, to everything. And still I’m not afraid of anything. To fear something, who is responsible for what, who did something bad.

What do you think the court will decide over Andrei (at the time of the interview the decision is unknown – ed.)?

I do not know. By the way, just before our interview I noticed that his account after the arrest was on the network. So he was forced to go there because the phone Andrew encrypted. We read with him the truthful news that give the good people at Telegram channels on the Internet. Never seen any BT or ONT or any other channels. For us it is taboo.


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