Jennifer Aniston


Photo: from open sources

The actress is considering hiring a private investigator.

According to a source edition of Star, Jennifer aniston is seriously quarreled with her husband. She suspected that Justin Theroux had an affair with actress Emily Meade, who he met on the set of the series “Left behind”. Moreover, suspicions Jennifer, as she told one of her friends, not quite groundless. The fact that she accidentally found in the phone Justin his frivolous correspondence with Emily.

When 48-year-old Jennifer gave her husband a scene of jealousy, Theroux began to make excuses, claiming that he and the foreign Ministry — just friends. But aniston, who was the lawful wife of Justin in the summer of 2015 year, said that “friends” do not allow yourself to hints of intimate properties. Besides, she found very suspicious the fact that Justin had never mentioned his “friendship” with Emily . Besides, Theroux could not maintain contact with the foreign Ministry on business grounds, because the last two seasons it is no longer involved in the filming of the series.

According to the informant of the edition, Jennifer admitted to her friends that he was thinking, not to hire her private investigator, to look after the husband at the time when he leaves for shooting.