This means the country to the forefront in the field of military space technology.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised next year to conduct the most extensive revision of the security strategy, defense and foreign policy since the cold war, writes The Times (translation — RBC).

The upgrade of the defense system involves the release of RAF leaders in the field of military space technology. “We have to spend a huge technological upgrade of all our security forces, so they can withstand the hostile forces of terrorists and organized crime,” said Johnson, announcing the plans.

The Prime Minister stressed that the new relations in the security sphere with the European Union must go hand in hand with the support of NATO. “Despite the fact that we plan to leave the EU, we must strengthen cooperation with Europe in the field of security. But the Foundation of European security since 1949 is NATO, and the 70th anniversary of the Alliance, we must modernize, not abandon it,” he said.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Dominique Raab tied the need to support NATO with the consequences of the recent fire on London bridge. “Ultimately, prevention of terror on our streets and deepening of cooperation in the security sphere with our partners in NATO are two sides of the same coin,” wrote the head of the foreign Ministry the material for the Telegraph. According to him, financing of terrorism the following year will be increased by £70 million, and by 2021 this amount will be £900 million.

In accordance with the plans proposed by the senior assistant to the Johnson Dominic Cummings, will address the issue of greater investments in space and advanced quantum technologies. According to The Times, at the summit of NATO leaders in London on 3 and 4 December, the parties will likely discuss “a plan to strengthen the Baltic sea”, which will allow to increase its military presence in Eastern Europe in case of a crisis with Russia. The following year the U.S. army will conduct exercises in Eastern Europe, sending British troops to participate in them could be one of the ways in which Prime Minister Johnson could demonstrate solidarity with the United States, writes The Times.

The summit can also lead to conflict with the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding the presence of British special forces in Syria, the newspaper said. The decision to join the American mission to protect the oil fields in the North-East Arab Republic was made Prime Minister Boris Johnson and defence Minister Ben Wallace in the beginning of November, when American troops began to withdraw from the border posts, which inhibited the invasion of Turkey into Syria.

Previously, The Sunday Times, citing sources in the Armed forces of the United Kingdom wrote that the defense Ministry has been discussing the question of the reduction of the army from 73 thousand to 60-65 thousand people. According to the publication, such a clause was contained in the Manifesto of the Conservative party, which was submitted in 2017 by the Prime Minister and Theresa may. Then the strength of the army amounted to 82 thousand people.

Johnson himself in an interview with Sunday Express said that he wanted to increase defense spending. According to him, the government is obliged to annually increase defense spending by 0.5% above inflation. The Prime Minister also noted that a strong impetus for the development of the defence of the United Kingdom can give advanced generation of warships. “I would like to see expansion in shipbuilding, and I think we have huge opportunities,” he said.