Jose Mourinho

Fri, 29 Jun 2018

Sports news: Jose Mourinho does not expect the 2018 world Cup something new.

The coach of Manchester United, Jose Mourinho said that he is a supporter of the view that the world Cup is not a tournament where you can see the tactics and the quality of the game. According to the expert is the only event that unites football fans.

“Of the opinion that the world Cup is the most significant tournament, in terms of tactics and quality of play. And there is nothing to worry because the best team in the world – a club whose coaches have the opportunity to work with the players every day and spend a few matches in a week. The world Cup is just a wonderful international event that brings together people who love football. So something new we are unlikely to see”, – quotes the expert RT.

Earlier, Mourinho suggested that Messi and Ronaldo FIFA world Cup 2018 will be the last world Cup .