MOSCOW, December 24. /TASS/. Journalist Oleg Lurie has decided to run for President of the Russian Federation to fight with rogues and thieves. He said that Sunday will submit documents to the CEC.

“I was nominated as a candidate for the office of President of the Russian Federation, and thank the initiative group of citizens who supported my candidacy. Today I will hand over the documents to the CEC. Appeal to all my readers with a request for support on election day, March 18, 2018. No crooks and thieves!”, – Lurie wrote on his page in Facebook.

“Go to the polls. Seeing what is happening, I decided to run for President of the Russian Federation. More than twenty-five years I have been doing journalistic investigations of corruption, as a result of my investigations, dozens of government officials, unscrupulous bankers and Wheeler-dealer speculators was on the bunk or lost their jobs”, – the journalist writes .

He stressed that his program will form the theme of the fight against crooks and thieves. “Not a combat simulation, which demonstrate some of the opposition candidates, but real. Crooks and thieves is Bulk, which is deceiving thousands of people, knowing that he has no right to run at law, but successfully collecting big money “on elections”, – said Lurie.

Among the crooks and thieves he also ranked hundreds of officials in power, “but somehow having luxurious mansions and billions of dollars in Bank accounts” and “businessmen” collecting money from the Russians for the construction, and then disappearing with the money.”

Registration of independent candidates

By law, a meeting of voters in support of nomination of a candidate should participate at least 500 people. Such meetings may be held on several. After that, the independent candidate has until 7 January to submit to the CEC documents.

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Legislative regulation of the presidential elections. Dossier

The candidate must personally bring to the CEC application for registration of a group created in support of it, a notarized Protocol of registration of members of the group, minutes of the meeting of the group and the statement of consent to run, information on the amount and sources of income of the candidate and his wife in six years, data on property, Bank deposits and securities, real estate abroad, convictions. CEC within five days checks the documents, registers the group of voters, authorized candidate on financial issues and grants permission for opening of special election accounts.

Then comes the period of collecting signatures. The independent candidate, in order to become a registered candidate in an election, it is necessary to collect 300 thousand signatures of voters and within the region may be collected no more than 7.5 thousand signatures. To submit documents to CEC for registration and signing will be from 27 December until 31 January, elections will be held March 18.