Photo: NASA

Ancient Eolian forms on the surface of the planet reach 50 meters. For the first time was confirmed by their movement.

The movement of megadune on Mars filmed on the photo. Images appeared in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets.

Scientists were able to capture the movement of huge ancient dunes on the planet’s surface. Mahavana, created under the influence of strong Martian wind, have a height of from 5 to 50 meters.

Astronomers from the Observatory of Capodimonte in Italy for the first time in the history of the received photo confirmation that giant of the hills migrate to the two Equatorial areas of Mars. To do this, scientists took the data of the ten-year observation of the surface of the planet.

Thus, in contrast to terrestrial dunes, the Martian is able to move in all directions. For the year mahavana able to move only at 12-19 cm

On the eve on Mars recorded “impossible” phenomenon – the movement of megawaves. Previously it was thought that they nedvijimi since its inception. It was also reported that on Mars over the volcano again appeared strange cloud.

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