Juan Guido
Photo: bloomberg

The legitimate President appealed to the military at the rally in Caracas.

The leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guido during a protest in Caracas, calling for the military to stop supporting the usurper regime of Nicolas Maduro, reports AFP (translated – nv.ua).

According to Guido, the support of the army was “fundamental” in the process of removing the incumbent President Maduro from power in Venezuela. However, he added that “time is running out and the wait may not be eternal.”

He also reminded military leaders that they have “a historic opportunity that lies on their shoulders.”

Earlier, Guido announced on may 1, the beginning of the final stage of the operation “Freedom”, whose aim is the overthrow of Nicolas Maduro.

Recall that in early 2019, the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guido announced saraismyname duties of the President.” The United States and many Nations of the world recognized Guido President of Venezuela, and have increased sanctions pressure on Maduro.

At the same time, Russia has recognized Nicolas Maduro’s legitimate head of state.

Nicolas Maduro said that he did not intend to leave the post of President of Venezuela before the expiration of the term of office in 2025.