The Spaniard said that media and fans do not pay enough attention to Carrick.

Midfielder Manchester United Juan Mata gave his opinion about a former player, “red devils” Michael Carrick.

“Carrick is the most underrated player in the United. I played with him and know how he was important for the team. I think that the media and the fans not giving him enough attention.

For me it was an amazing midfielder. He was underrated at the club and in England. Most likely, the style of play of Carrick really came to Spain. Perhaps there would he a greater player,” said Mata.

Recall that Carrick played for Manchester United from 2006 to 2018. The assets of Michael’s five League titles in the EPL and the Champions League trophy in 2007/08.

Earlier it was reported that Carrick made the team of the best teammates.

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