Photo: Screenshot a Rally in Grozny in support of Muslims in Myanmar

The head of Chechnya made against Moscow, which supports the government of Myanmar.

Several hundred Muslims September 3 came to an inconsistent rally in Moscow, and the next day thousands of people gathered in Grozny to support co-religionists in Myanmar.

This was preceded by the appeal of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who openly criticized Russia’s position on Myanmar.


Oppression of Rohingya Muslims

About one million ethnic Rohingya Muslims live in Rakhine state in Myanmar, where 90 percent of the population are Buddhists.

In Rakhine witnessed several clashes between Muslims and local Buddhists.

Religious conflict in this state broke out during the Second world war, when after the retreat of the British troops, clashes between Rohingya and arakonnam. Hand talking about tens of thousands who died in 1942 .

In 1962 came to power the military, who began to harass the Rohingya people at the official level. After 20 years, the Rohingya in Myanmar was recognized by foreigners.

The conflict escalated dramatically in 2012, when the clashes killed more than 200 people in Myanmar, and 140 thousand people, mostly Muslim Rohingya refugees in neighbouring Bangladesh.

In the spring of 2014, after the attacks on the warehouses and offices of UN humanitarian missions in Rakhine state, their employees have left Myanmar.

Many Muslims in Myanmar live in refugee camps and suffer from chronic malnutrition, reported in 2015, Thai newspaper the Pattaya Mail. Victims of violence in recent years thousands of people became.

A new aggravation that caused rallies in Russia, took place on 25 August, when the salvation Army Rohingya people Arakan state carried out a coordinated attack on several police posts and the base of the Myanmar army. Killed 12 security officers and 77 of the rebels. After that, troops began anti-terrorist operation.

The army of Myanmar on 1 September, said that during the clashes between government forces and fighters of the Rohingya people of Rakhine killed nearly 400 people: were killed 370 militants, casualties among government forces amounted to 15 people. In addition, Rohingya Muslims accused of killing 14 civilians.

Myanmar refused all UN agencies providing assistance in vital supplies of food, water and medical supplies to thousands of residents in Northern Rakhine state.

As noted by Foreign Policy, the situation is aggravated by the activity of ultra-nationalist Buddhist lobby in Myanmar. His representatives called the Rohingya “terrorists” and “Islamists”.


Independence Kadyrov

The UN Commission to establish the facts of what is happening with the Rohingya has released a statement in the security Council condemning the actions of the Myanmar authorities. The statement was blocked by Russia and China.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia after the attack in August, issued a statement in which goovrit that Moscow supports the efforts of the government of Myanmar to “normalcy”. Russia recalled that solve the problem “exclusively political means”.

Kadyrov on August 31 in Instagram condemned the UN and countries who do not react to actions of the government of Myanmar. According to him, the cruelty faced by the Muslims of Rakhine, are not comparable even with the “Nazi gas chambers”.

Later, on 3 September Kadyrov live at Instagram said that in Myanmar is genocide against Muslims. He said he opposes the position of Russia, if she supports the “devils”.

“If Russia will support those devils who commit crimes – I am against Russia’s position, because I have my own vision, its own position,” – said Kadyrov.

The Chechen leader called for rallies against the oppression of Muslims.

Soon the Embassy of Myanmar in Moscow gathered about 800 people at a rally inconsistent Muslims. On Bolshaya Nikitskaya street was completely closed to traffic, the place was on duty, many police officers, including riot police.

As writes the Russian service Bi-bi-si, Sunday’s event on 3 September for Moscow unprecedented – never before have Muslims did not go on unauthorized rallies in such numbers.

The more the followers of Islam did not conduct mass actions against the policy of foreign States in relation to their co-religionists.

The publication notes that the police were not typical for this situation. Despite the fact that the action was not sanctioned, no one called Muslims gathered to disperse.

The rally in Moscow ended with a joint prayer.

The next day, September 4, in the Chechen capital city of Grozny, Makhachkala and other cities of the North Caucasus have staged large rallies in support of Muslims of Myanmar.

According to event organizers, the rally in Grozny attended by over a million people.

Throughout the rally on the square near the mosque Heart of Chechnya in the center of Grozny, the crowd repeatedly shouted “Allahu Akbar!”, “We – the Muslims of Myanmar”.

The event was attended by Kadyrov, who has criticized the international community’s position in relation to the clashes in Myanmar and demanded an international investigation.

At the end of the meeting the participants adopted an appeal to President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“Mr President, today we, citizens of Russia, Muslims of the North Caucasus, public opinion leaders, leaders of religious organizations are turning to you as the leader of the nation with a request to use all your authority and influence in the world to stop the genocide of Muslims” – read from the stage the text treatment Kadyrov and asked all who agreed with him to raise his hand.

Hands up all those present without exception, including the Kadyrov and stood with him on stage sons.

“The whole nation is on the brink of death, but nobody enters against Myanmar political and economic sanctions. Recently after the events in the editorial office of the journal of one of the mighty of this world marched through the streets of Paris. The first person ready to defend even one person is gay, but lose the power of speech, when there is destruction of the whole nation”, – said Kadyrov.

At the time of writing, media reports, citing a source in law enforcement bodies reported that the police detained for various offences, 17 people at the Embassy of Myanmar in Moscow.


The reaction of the Russian public

The part of Russians support the shares held by the Muslims, led by Kadyrov. However, many draw attention to the fact that there was not a single rally in support of Muslims in Syria.

In addition, note that the official position of Russia, which has blocked the condemnation of the authorities Minami in the UN security Council, at odds with the position of Kadyrov.

It is also noteworthy that an unauthorized meeting was held without interference from the police.