The head of the Chechen Republic commented on the scandal that happened around the school in the village of Belozerye located in Mordovia. According to media reports, the school teacher and their pupils are deprived of the opportunity to come to school in headscarves.

Ramzan Kadyrov on air of TV channel “Russia 1” expressed the opinion that the ban on the wearing of all religious clothing in the domestic educational institutions is undermining Russian society. He also destroys the religious feelings of Russians, reports “Russian conversation”.

The Chechen leader stressed that Russia is a multinational and multireligious country. The ban on the veneration of religion and traditions of its people will only lead to the division of the Russian society. He called for the strengthening of the Federal government through the preservation of customs, religions and culture .

We will remind, Olga Vasilyeva noted that the Russian education is secular in nature. The Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation also stated that a true believer there is no need to emphasize their religiousness using the merchandise.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the leader of the French nationalists marine Le Pen cancelled his meeting with the mufti of Lebanon. The reason was the unwillingness of the candidate in presidents of France to come to the reception in a scarf.