Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov agreed with the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in an interview with the Financial Times said that the betrayal is “the most vile crime”, reports “Russian conversation”.

In his telegram-the head of Chechnya said that the betrayal of state and homeland is a special spin, so it must be punished “in the most harsh and severe form, as provided by law.”

According to him, the betrayal often causes enormous damage to economic and military power of a country’s political and social stability.

“Almost always, these crimes are traitors for personal material gain, becoming a personal shame and a curse,” – said Kadyrov.

He called to perceive attempts to create in Russia a certain similarity of the “fifth column” as treachery and betrayal and to bring it to strict liability.

“Russia was, is and will be a great power that has never and will not allow anyone to dictate their will!” – he concluded.

Earlier, the Russian leader, commenting on the incident in the British Salisbury with the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal, called betrayal “the most vile crime you can imagine”, but added that in this case the offender has served his prison term.

The President once again stressed that Moscow has nothing to do with what happened in Salisbury and all the accusations are without any evidence.