Monument of local importance Karaite kenesa, located in the center of Kiev needs to restore during 2019-2020, according to the press service of Kyiv city state administration.

“Monument of local importance on Yaroslaviv Val street, 7 (Karaite kenasa) needs to be restored during the 2019-2020”, – quotes the website of the municipality Director of the Department of cultural heritage Alexander Nicaraqua.

He also stressed that the Department entered into a security agreement with the lessee of the monument the Department of culture. One of the points of agreement determined to carry out repair and restoration work for the 2019-2020.

The contract States that the lessee is liable for real property, all valuable historical and architectural elements of the exterior and interior belonging to the monument. Also, the asset holder must participate in the execution of works for the artistic lighting of facades of the house according to the project coordinated in due order.

“In the security agreement is still quite a lot of points. But they are all aimed at the preservation of the monument. Among the obligatory monument must be kept in a proper sanitary, fire and technical condition. In addition, the lessee is required to maintain the territory of the monument well-maintained and to prevent its use for new construction or other household needs, which could damage the monument. It is strictly forbidden to make any additions, and to revise it both outside and inside. Forbidden even to conduct any excavation works on the territory of the monument without special written permission of the Central authority for the protection of culture”, – said A. Nikora.

The contract specified that the monument shall be used solely for functional purpose. The lessee shall also promptly carry out the restoration work exclusively with the observance of the agreed project.

In turn, the Director of the Department of culture Diana Popova said that the Department has already sent to the Ministry of culture for approval a restoration project together with the registration documentation and security agreement.

Construction kenasa carried out under the project and under the supervision of the architect M. Gorodetsky in 1898-1900 the Sculptural decoration was performed in the workshop of the Italian Elia Sala. After renovation in 1968 left kenasa was completed cash lobby, foyer and cloister that leads to the auditorium (the former prayer). In 1981 kenasa transformed into a Republican house of actor, closed the front door. During repair and restoration work corrugated galvanized dome dismantled, changed the decoration of the facades and of the interior, openwork fencing and gates Central portal and the like.