MOSCOW, February 6. /TASS./ The specialists of “Kaspersky Lab”, recorded a growth of DDoS attacks in the days before and after the largest sales – “Black Friday” and “cyber Monday”. The activity of the attackers continued until the beginning of December, says the report, “Kaspersky Lab” for the fourth quarter of 2017.

The reasons for the surge of activity, according to the company, are, firstly, the behavior of the users, as they are “less critical” during the sales and pre-holiday days. Second, the possibility of large earnings allows hackers blackmail Internet services loss of profits or offer their services to participate in the competition, experts say .

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The fourth quarter also showed a reduction in the duration of DDoS-attacks. The record of the time attack in this reporting period lasted about six days, whereas in the third quarter the record was nine days.

The specialists of “Kaspersky Lab” noted that in the fourth quarter, the number of countries where there were DDoS attacks dropped to 84 compared to 94 in the previous quarter. First place in the number of reported attacks of this type took China (59,18% of all cases of attacks), the second – the USA (16%) and third – South Korea (10,21%).

Russia in this list has dropped from fifth to sixth place due to a slight decrease in DDoS attacks. Russia in the fourth quarter accounted for 1.25% of all recorded attacks.

DDoS-attack (Distributed Denial of Service) is an attack against the website, whose main purpose is removing it from the system by sending large amount of requests. Servers that serve the website are overloaded, and the page becomes unavailable to users.