Objective capital’s municipal authorities in a situation with a sports complex “Sunrise” is the preservation of the interests of society and the functioning of the gyms as long as the parties to the conflict does not settle the disputed question of ownership, said the Deputy Chairman of the KSCA Valentine Mondrievsky.

“To clarify the circumstances surrounding spaces SK “Sunrise” on Borispolskaya str, 8, in Darnitsa district in Kiev state administration established a working group with participation of representatives of law enforcement bodies, and also OOO “Kievenergo” and OO SK Sunrise”, which is in court contesting the ownership of the premises,” – said in a statement on the website of the city hall on Tuesday.

The information noted that there was created a working group to resolve the issue, return it to its legal framework and functioning of gyms, so that children could train there.

“After a legal component, hereinafter the owner, there will be a need to coordinate the functionality of this space with society, RGA, based on the needs and interests of society. Submit all sketches, designs of this room, how it will be after repair or reconstruction. Our main task is to preserve the opportunity for employment there detsko-youthful sports schools, and we will do it”, – said V. Mondrievsky.

“City government is open to dialogue with all parties, but until it is resolved the property issue, namely, that it is the prerogative of courts of law, no agreement will not be”, – he stressed.

Deputy Chairman of the Metropolitan municipality also said that while the parties do not agree, the city government will ensure the functioning of the institution for the intended purpose. In addition, the safety of the complex is planned to be ensured through the “local protection”.

The head of the Darnytskyi RGA Sergey Levada, in turn, stressed that purely economic dispute between the parties, shall be resolved exclusively in the legal field.

“Actions such as the seizure of the premises, destruction of property should not take place. Accordingly, neither the police, nor the district administration in this case will not stand in the way,” he said.

In Kyiv city state administration said that on April 23 around 3:30, unknown persons illegally occupied the premises at the address: Borispolskaya str, 8, where is the SK “Sunrise”.

With the aim of establishing the circumstances at the place of there arrived representatives of the Darnytsa police Department GU of the National police in Kiev and Darnitsa RDA. It was found that on the object are representatives of the owner of “Kievenergo” and OO SK Sunrise”, which is in court contesting the right of ownership.