Keti Topuria was shocked by his appearance, received angry comments from subscribers to his microblog.

About it
according to “Russian conversation”.

The award “MUZ-TV”
this year was struck by its size. At the annual event gathered
insane amount of famous artists and musicians, among them Olga Buzova, Ani Lorak, Svetlana Loboda, Anastasia Reshetova and Vera Brezhnev. All women
beautiful floor sparkled with brand new outfits and stylish images.

The soloist popular
group “A-Studio” Keti Topuria was no exception. She visited
15 the award “MUZ-TV”, shocking their appearance all around.

To exit
light girl bought a very racy outfit from Russian designer
Alexander Arutyunov. They became formfitting leather jumpsuit with a very geeky
neckline inserts and zipper on his pants-bottoms.

social networking “Instagram” was not delighted with such an unusual
image . They immediately began to unsubscribe their disgruntled comments openly
telling Topuria, that the outfit as a whole failed.