Yekaterina Degtyareva

It is suspected of corruption.

In Gomel detained the chief ideologist of the city Executive Committee Catherine Degtyarev. On this edition of “hard News” it became known last week, but before publishing information, journalists tried to get confirmation and figure out the details.

At the moment it is known that the official was arrested on the job March 18, then was taken to Minsk, where he placed in the KGB detention center. According to reports, this was done in order to rule out possible pressure on the investigation.

In present obligations of the city’s main ideologue takes Elena Barkova.

The authorities have not commented on the situation.

In the existing version of the information, the detention of Ekaterina Degtyareva, linked to another corruption case, which was previously reported by the media.

Earlier, the KGB detained the Director of “Mosconcert” and the clerk of the Mogilev city Executive Committee. The investigation related to corruption schemes at payment services private company engaged in the lighting design shows and concerts.