Kharkiv state aircraft manufacturing company (KSAMC) is planning to finish the aircraft An-74T-200A to Kazakhstan to 2018, said the General Director of the enterprise Alexander Krivokon.

“In 2018 we are planning this car to run. I think it will be in September,” – said A. Krivokon at a press conference on Thursday.

He explained that the original delivery was disrupted due to the rupture of industrial and scientific-technical cooperation between enterprises of defense industry of Ukraine and Russia and non-Russian companies of the necessary components. According to A. Krivokon, he managed to reach a preliminary agreement with the Kazakh side for the supply of necessary components, manufactured in Russia, under a tolling arrangement.

“I had a meeting in… the meeting with the Minister, and we agreed to cooperate. Our contract involved a third party, is “UkrSpetsExport”, which acted as the guarantor in the completion of this machine . We worked with them a contract and sent for approval, at the conclusion of which we will work on tolling scheme for the components that are missing in this car. Under this scheme the day after tomorrow is the national security Council in Kazakhstan, the money allocated — and we conclude a supplementary agreement to our contract, where we will have a tolling scheme. We’ll start with the end of summer and after 7-8 months we will complete this car at the expense of the Kazakh side,” – said A. Krivokon.

He also noted that for several years previous management of KSAMC refused to use tolling schemes.

A. Krivokon also said that in case of successful completion of An-74 of the Kazakh side is interested in the delivery of four more planes. “If we have this project goes, we have opened ordering for 4 cars in Kazakhstan”, – said A. Krivokon.

As reported, on June 16, 2015 the government of Ukraine passed KSAMC and SE “Plant 410 of civil aviation” of the SJC “Antonov” in the state concern “Ukroboronprom”.

According to the decree of the government No. 393 of 15 June, integral property complexes of KSAMC and SE “Plant 410 GA” is passed from the control of the Ministry of economic development and trade in the management of “Ukroboronprom”.

KSAMC and SE “Plant 410 GA” together with Antonov company in 2008 by decision of the government was part of the SJC “Antonov”. The government resolution of March 31, Antonov was transferred to the “Ukroboronprom”.

In February 2017, the General Director of the company became A. Krivokon. In 2005-2006, A. Krivokon was Director of the Kharkov tractor plant. He also at different positions on Pivdenmash and SE “Zavod im.Malysheva”.

KSAMC is a serial manufacturer of multi-purpose An-74, as well as short-range An-140.