PJSC “Kiev confectionery factory “Roshen” in 2018, invested UAH 88.5 million in production equipment and 243 million UAH in the reconstruction of the premises of the factory and improvement of adjacent territories.

According to the annual report of the company, CHAO also has invested 7.4 million UAH in the reconstruction of the boiler and heating systems factory and 32.6 million UAH – in the children’s centre.

According to the report, the net profit of the factory in 2018 amounted altitude of 373.3 million (+44% by 2017), the net profit increased 4 times – up to UAH 11.9 million. Gross profit amounted to UAH 55.1 million (+79%), long – term liabilities-UAH 33.7 million (+10%), current liabilities – 222,3 million (-46%).

As reported, the company will receive 5% profit on replenishment of reserve capital, and 95% will leave Unallocated. To pay dividends for the year 2018, the Kiev factory “Roshen” is not going to.

Roshen confectionery Corporation holds a planned partial modernization of the production capacity of the company, in this regard, increases the authorized capital of the Kiev factory at 330 million UAH Kremenchug – on 300 million UAH.

The Corporation Roshen, one of the largest producers of confectionery includes Kiev, Kremenchug (Poltava region) confectionery factory, two production sites in Vinnytsia region, the butter-milk plant “Bershad milk” (Vinnitsa region), two production sites in Lipetsk region (Russia), Klaipeda confectionery factory (Lithuania) and factory Bonbonetti Choco (Hungary).

The Corporation produces about 320 types of confectionery: chocolate and jelly candies, caramel, chocolate, biscuits, wafers, sponge rolls and cakes. Total production reaches 450 thousand tons per year.

A network of branded stores Roshen in Ukraine has 50 stores in five regions of Ukraine. First opened in 2009 in Kiev.