Embassy of Ukraine in Austria



Photo: Wikimapia

Ukraine news: Ukraine called on Austria to raise the issue of release of Sentsov during Putin’s visit to Vienna.

Embassy of Ukraine in Austria, on the eve of the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin, appealed to the local media with an appeal “to raise the question.”, said Ukrainian Ambassador to Austria Olexander Scherba.

“Today, the Austrian media has received the following appeal to the Embassy on the eve of Putin’s visit to Austria. Europe needs to raise with Putin the issue.”, – the Ambassador wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday evening.

The appeal stressed that Oleg Sentsov has been sentenced to 20 years in a strict regime on trumped-up charges.

“His sentence: 20 years of strict regime. His “guilt”: he allegedly planned to blow up a statue of Lenin in Crimea. Also in his collection were found the film Leni Riefenstahl – a reason for accusations of promoting fascism . About a year Sentsov is located in the most Northern Russian prison. For about two weeks he was starving, demanding the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners from Russian prisons”, – said in the appeal.

It is also stated that numerous filmmakers from all over the world in a collective letter called on Vladimir Putin to release Oleg Sentsov

“Sentsov is a good opportunity for Austria to become a real political mediation and the humanistic European state that is ready to stand up for one single life. Plan on June 5, Putin’s visit to Vienna, probably, will give such possibility”, – said the Ukrainian Embassy.

In reference to the Austrian media focuses on the expectation of a political prisoner by members of his family.

“His 12-year-old son, an autistic boy, is suffering, and blames himself. His 15-year-old daughter needs a father more than ever. It has an old mother asks where will she live until the return of Oleg. Today more than ever need to find a humanistic solution to the problem” – summed up in the Embassy.