Kiev began to prepare to take the most massive sporting event in the world finals of the UEFA Champions League, which will be held on may 26, 2018 at the NSC “Olympic”.

As the press service of the football Federation of Ukraine, on may 20 the first meeting of the working group established by the Cabinet of Ministers to prepare for this event. The meeting discussed the issues of security and public order, meetings and accommodation of the fans, the willingness of the stadium, conducting a 4-day “Festival of Champions” dedicated to the Champions League final.

“The Champions League is the largest annual sporting event in the world. By estimates of UEFA, with the 2017 finals in Cardiff on 3 June will see 600 million fans from around the world, and the capital of Wales directly visited by about 170 thousand visitors. For comparison, during the Euro-2012 in Kyiv was visited by only 50 thousand tourists . Therefore, it is evident that such a level of events, the Ukrainian capital had not yet received”, – stated in the message.