The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has expressed the official position of Kiev on the issue of drawing the American troops strike with cruise missiles on Syrian territory, considering it a necessary response to the alleged use by Damascus of chemical weapons in Idlib.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry said that Washington’s response to the chemical attack should be supported by the international community since it was conceived as a way of preventing other war crimes allegedly committed by Damascus against the civilian population of Syria, according to “Russian conversation”.

In a public statement said that the use of chemical weapons is a violation of international law, and the actions of Damascus, allegedly the organiser of the bombing of Idlib, shall be punished by prosecution and to be condemned by the international community.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” in the night of Friday, April 7, with US Navy ships were released about sixty cruise missiles at one of the Syrian air bases, resulting in a cap force lost large amounts of military equipment and the largest repair base for the aircraft.

The application of United States cruise missiles against government forces was condemned by the Russian side.