As it became known on Thursday, July 18, now to supply to Ukraine, Russian diesel fuel and liquefied gas will become less profitable.

The new Ukrainian government decided on the introduction of the next
restrictive measures against the Russian Federation.

From now on, in respect of the Russian diesel fuel and
liquefied natural gas will be subject to special fees. It was on his
page in Facebook wrote a representative of Vladimir Zelensky in the Cabinet of Ministers Andrei

“Yesterday the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution which
introduced a special duty on imports from the Russian Federation diesel fuel
(by pipeline), and liquefied gas”, — stated in

As an added Gerus, the decision was taken in
response to the expansion of the Russian economic sanctions.

Earlier the Federation Council has clearly explained why the new Ukrainian
restrictive measures against Russia will not help the Kiev leaders.

It was also reported revenge Ukrainian gangsters Italian
authorities for the intention of Rome to abandon anti-Russian sanctions.