The Ukrainian side at the meeting of the Trilateral contact group (TAG) in Minsk reiterated the priority of execution of a block of the Minsk agreements on security and on the implementation of the political block of questions in the implementation of a number of conditions.

“The execution of the block of questions on the security of the Minsk agreements is the key to return to peace in Donbass”, – wrote press Secretary of the President of Ukraine, representative of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma TAG Daria olifer on his Facebook page on Tuesday following the meeting of the TAG.

In addition, the Ukrainian side stressed that the implementation of the political block of questions of the Minsk agreements is possible only under condition of performance number of items: dissolution of quasihyperbolic “L/DNR”, a complete cease-fire; ensuring the effective monitoring of SMM OSCE on the territory of Ukraine; the withdrawal from Ukrainian territory of armed formations of foreign troops and military equipment; breeding of forces along the entire frontline; management of the Central election Commission of Ukraine, Ukrainian political parties, the media and foreign observers; the establishment of control over uncontrollable Ukraine the Ukrainian-Russian border and other points provided international and Ukrainian legislation and Minsk agreements.

In turn, the humanitarian sub-group is working to release detained persons. And in the sub-group on socio-economic issues of the Ukrainian side once again raised the question of denial of ORDO from the ruble zone and the return of the Ukrainian public and private property, including the resumption of the payment of taxes to the Ukrainian state budget in strict accordance with Ukrainian legislation.