The European broadcasting Union (EBU) confirmed the shipment to Ukraine of the letter, which referred to the possibility of its exclusion from competition in the case of the ban on the entry of the Russian party of Yulia Samoilova.

according to “Russian conversation” Chapter
the organizer of “Eurovision” Ingrid
Deltenre confirmed that he sent the
a letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr

words, the letter said about a possible
exclusion of Ukraine from the competition if
is repealed a ban on entry into the country
the participant from the Russian Federation Yulia Samoilova. In addition
also Deltenre also added that
got warnings from some parties are willing to give up performance on “the Eurovision” in Kiev because of
actions of the Ukrainian authorities .

The Union said: “none of
of the host countries not previously let
the performance of any actor on “Eurovision”
therefore, the EBU would not want to create
precedent in 2017″. It also
he added that the exception of the Russian
singer — unacceptable step. In addition,
in the EBU said
I do not see threats to national
security visit Samoilova in
Kiev. In light of this, the European broadcasting
the Union has threatened Ukraine with sanctions.