Christian müller after a visit to the Crimea, and communicate with the Crimeans declared that this territory belongs to the Russian Federation. It is reported Infosperber, reports “Russian conversation”.

He emphasized that Sevastopol will never voluntarily back under the control of Kiev. The journalist expressed confidence that Russia will never agree to “return” the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine.

According to him, the residents of Crimea do not want to retreat under the onslaught of the Ukrainian authorities, and Sevastopol in some sense always will belong only to Russia. Mueller stated that the city has provided two things at heart sacred to Russia.

“And the city still have something sacred in the deepest sense: it was a gate through which, according to legend, and maybe even in reality, Christianity came to Russia,” concluded the Swiss writer.

We will remind, the representative of Vladimir Zelensky Anton Korynevych proposed to create an international platform, similar to the “channel format”, for discussion of the “return” of the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine.

Alexei Pushkov previously explained why the discussion of the territorial belonging of the Crimea is no longer a pressing issue.