Photo: City on Biere Captain Evgeny Konstantinov was killed in Syria

The Syrian army abandoned military advisers from Russia during the battle.

Died in Syria, two military advisers from Russia captain Evgeny Konstantinov and mayor Alexander Skladan, commander of the reconnaissance battalion. It is reported by RBC with reference to the Chairman of the regional branch Fighting brotherhood in the Jewish Autonomous region of the Russian Federation Sergey Minko.

According to him, the retreating Syrian army left the Russian military one-on-one with the enemy.

“The Syrian military has ceased to cover fire, retreated. Konstantinov was left with a wounded chief of intelligence one on one with the terrorists. When the army of the Arab Republic returned position under control of the Russian military found with multiple injuries,” said Minko .

According to him, the death Konstantinov, Chairman of the Combat brotherhood became known from documents of the Ministry of defense. They also said that Konstantinov’s colleague, whom he tried to save, was the head of the reconnaissance battalion, major Alexander Skladan (born in 1980). He also died during this battle.

The certificate of death Konstantinov and Skladan is at the disposal of RBC.

Minko said that Syria Konstantinov was in the spetskomandirovka March 2017 as a military adviser. He participated in the planning and conduct of operations to eliminate terrorists. Last position it in Russia – the commander of a battalion in the Samara region.

Informed about the death Konstantinov in Syria, told the publication the City in Biere. The publication notes that in the battle on may 3, a Russian officer received six bullet wounds. The Russian captain was buried 7 may in Novosibirsk, where his parents live. He presented posthumously to be awarded the order of Courage.

In total, according to official data of the defense Ministry, during military operations in Syria killed 33 Russian soldiers.

As reported Корреспондент.netmay 3, in Syria the shelling militants killed a Russian Colonel Alexei buchelnikov. He was shot by a sniper.