DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN

North Korean leader seven hours was speaking at a meeting of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party. He stressed that officials must “wholeheartedly serve the people”.

The head of North Korea Kim Jong UN declared the need to take diplomatic and military response to ensure the sovereignty and security of the country. This he said during seven hours of presentation at the meeting of the Central Committee workers ‘ party of Korea, reports on Tuesday, December 31, KCNA.

It is noted that the leader of North Korea stated “questions about preparing to adopt active and aggressive political, diplomatic and military responses to maintain the sovereignty and security of the country.”

The Agency described the speech, Kim Jong-UN as historic.

According to KCNA, the North Korean leader expressed the solutions to a wide range of issues of nation-building. In particular, he stressed that party officials should “wholeheartedly serve the people”.

As pointed out by the Agency, a significant part of the report, Kim Jong-UN was devoted to measures for economic development of the country. He tasked the most important sectors of the national economy of the DPRK and called for strong growth in agricultural output.

Also the leader of the Republic mentioned the need for the development of science, education, health care and called for increased productivity and savings.

According to Kim Jong-UN, “for the final victory of the revolution and happy life of a great nation, the party again decided to lead a hard and long struggle.”

According to the results of the Plenum of the Central Committee of the party, which continues for three days, is expected to adopt an “important document”.

Earlier, the leader of the DPRK, said that the authorities need to take urgent active measures to ensure the country’s sovereignty.

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